Sunday, January 15, 2012

You know your the mother of a diabetic child when...

I've wanted to write this post for quite some time!
  •  even if you aren't checking blood sugar, you still wake up at midnight and 3am.
  • your child is really crabby and your 1st response is "go check your blood sugar!"
  • you look at your dishwasher, which says it has 63 minutes left of the cycle and your 1st thought is.."Oh, that's a low blood sugar."
  • your vacuuming your van and find used glucose test strips, alcohol swabs and a stray syringe under your back seat.
  • when your non-diabetic child is really thirsty your red flag goes up and says, "do you think they have it too?"
  • You can rattle off the total carbohydrate count in just about any food of any proportion.
  • You find yourself "educating" restaurants on why your child is asking for sugar free drink options and why you really would like to see the nutrition facts for their menu items. (they are often surprised)
  • when you have an entire cabinet, pantry shelf and compartment in the fridge stocked with supplies that last you a month or so.

  • When you look in your child's book bag and read a poem assignment that the teacher gave the students that starts with "So much depends upon..." and you find this.

And this is why I will raise money, research and learn everything I can about this disease. In hopes that my daughter will see THE CURE, or that she will at least have the best medical device that makes this disease more manageable.


  1. Wow Denise! Thanks for sharing this blog. Abby is such a wonderful girl and we are praying for a cure as well. What an amazing poem that she wrote! It could so be turned into a contemporary song.