Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brand Spankin' New!

Yep, that pretty much describes this blog and my ability to use it!!  I guess I will learn as I go.  My hopes of this blog is to entertain & educate.  Entertain you with our daily trials and tribulations as a family of 6, to share our joys and triumphs and more importantly.....educate you on Diabetes.

That's right...DIABETES.  I used to view it as many others do, a disease of those who don't take care of themselves, who are usually older than me and as something that I might perhaps have to "deal" with when I'm older.  Well, little did I know that it would enter our lives earlier than I thought possible.  3.15.2011 at 5pm - the day we were told that our daughter Abby, who had just celebrated her 9th birthday 2 weeks prior, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes ( Juvenile onset diabetes).  We had been trying to figure out why she didn't feel well, wasn't growing and lost weight.  We had suspected diabetes but I guess we just never thought that was actually it.  I was relieved to have an answer but sad also.  Dr. Gilbert told us to have her drink lots of water and if she gets really sick to go straight to the hospital.  The next day we were contacted by Pediatric Endocrine Assoc (we'll talk about them later) and told that we needed to check into Children's hospital at Scottish Rite that evening and expect to be there for 2-3 days.  What a whirlwind those 1st 3 days were.  On our way to the hospital Abby chowed down on graham crackers and Peanut Butter.  You'd have thought she wasn't going to get fed for days!  We finally got up to a room that evening and were handed our "class" schedule.  That's right 2 full days of diabetes education for all of us.  Then they send you home to "do it on your own".  WHAT??!!  I have to keep my daughter alive with insulin, shots, Blood Glucose monitors, ketone strips, alcohol and keep track of all carbohydrates entering her body?!  And you only gave me 2 days to learn how to do it!

That was the beginning of our new life with Diabetes.  I hope to share more with you as we learn more.

1 Week Before her Diagnosis....

 at the hospital with her diabetic friend Lucas...

3 months later and so much healthier!


  1. Hi Denise, and welcome to the D-blogging world! I'm sad to read of your daughter's diagnosis and it is all too familiar to us. I look forward to reading more and educating others along with you. I blog at www.boxofchocolatesblog.com.

  2. Hi Denise, Abby is beautiful. My son, Justin, was diagnosed on 10-21-08 at the age of 7. He is now 10. I know what you mean when you say "WHAT??!! Do it on our own?" I said the same thing... we only got 4 hours. Yep! 4 HOURS of training and then we were thrown to the wolves. THAT SUCKED!

    I am sorry you and your beautiful girl are on this journey, but we are all blessed not to be on it alone. The DOC(Diabetes online community) is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people that I am grateful for every day.

    Welcome :) You can stop by and read more about us at www.mydiabetic-child.com

  3. Yeah this must be the we are dealing with our girls being gone I just started mine yesterday...hopefully to get more on here as the week goes on. Its looking good!!! We only have 4 days to we get ours back!!!

  4. Hi Denise, welcome to the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). My son, Nate was dx in 2009 at the age of 14-months. I know just how you are feeling right now ---- I was totally overwhelmed. Totally.

    The DOC has been a life-saver for me. I hope you find comfort in knowing there are so many of us here living the same life as you and ready to support you in any way possible.

    Abby is so beautiful --- sending her a big hug and you too!!

    If you feel like it you can check us out at --- www.houstonwehaveaproblemblog.com


  5. Hello & welcome :) My daughter Cara is 5 year old and was dx T1 in Feb 09. I still have a hard time looking back at pics of Cara just before her dx 2 1/2 years ago.

    Abby is so beautiful and you are not alone :)

  6. Hi AND welcome to the DOC. The pre-diagnosis pic made my heart hurt.

    My name is Reyna. My son Joe (now 8) was diagnosed almost 5 years ago when he was 3. He is on a pump and uses a CGM. It is a difficult road. I look forward to traveling it with you.

    Again, welcome. You will meet some of the most amazing people through your computer. xo

  7. Hi Denise,

    We have a similar story- Isabelle is 8 and was diagnosed 4/28. It is so amazing to look back on photos and realize how thin our daughter was. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog- I am a new blogger too and you will find so much great info out there-
    Take care and stay strong!